The architect made houses.
The filmmakers made films.
The scientist made discoveries. 
The teacher made them all.
I read this somewhere and found this so true. Teachers lay the foundations of a great society, and we are forever indebted to them. When I was in school, I got my self enrolled in a one-year photography course in Howrah, West Bengal. It was a free course conducted once a week in a government primary school on weekends by “Society of Photographers.” The age group of students was from 16 to 70. A group of eminent photographers have come together to empower people to follow their dreams, find an alternative profession, discover a new hobby and more importantly to teach a new way of seeing life. This course has changed the course of my life for good.
I try to find time in between my professional shooting assignments to teach. I have taught a number of students of different age groups from different parts of India and abroad. I take workshops and lectures in various film schools like Xavier’s Institute of communication, Digital Academy, State Film and television institute, Rohtak to name a few. It gives me immense joy to interact with students from different walks of life coming together to learn the language of Cinema.
Dev can be hired for various educational work, from large venue to seminars and smaller group workshops. He has done frequent talks on various aspects of filmmaking.
His smaller group workshops of around 25 people tend to focus on photography, cinematography, filmmaking and film studies. These workshops can span anything from 2/3 day to longer. These have proved to be invaluable to students from all over the world.

A very small group and one to one private tuition are also available if Mumbai is your base or if you can travel no matter where you are. These sessions are tailored to exactly what you want to learn and are some of the best value education you can get to improve your filmmaking skills. 

We have designed innovative film programs with hands-on, interactive learning. Students find themselves completely immersed in their course of study. The courses can be designed from one day to a month.

If filmmaking is your passion. Our offerings include courses in - Filmmaking, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing, Documentary Filmmaking, Film Studies and Photography
If you want to hire Dev for a workshop or for consultancy whether for your filmmaking project or workshops for your company employees in your part of the world. 

For any of these contact: 
E-Mail:  Cell: +91 9833731489