About me


I would love for my work to be seen as a profound reflection of man’s relationship with life and human creativity, facilitating an intimate process of communication with self and the world we build around us. It generates new ideas, concepts and associations through visual, emotional, cerebral and spiritual experiences. It gives me immense joy when people connect with my stories and images. My goal is to tell stories which blends creativity and empathy. 
The joy of making a film or taking a photograph or even in life is when you are walking down the street and you smile at someone and they smile back. There is nothing given and nothing taken. It is just like a little nudge, recognition of humanity and life. I think that's what films means to me. It is my passion, my love and it is my life.
My passion to capture the fleeting moments and its beauty was seeded early when I was in school. I developed an interest in photography at a young age and much of my education was revolved around the same. I started with a photography course from Society of Photographers, Kolkata in 2001. Then I did my B.A. in Mass Communication and Film Studies from St Xavier’s College, Kolkata and followed it by Post Graduate Diploma in Cinematography from the Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. Now Mumbai is the city where I live and work. I started Purple Haze Films to ensure a creative environment for all kind of films. 

I have worked with the eminent Indian as well as International Artists and Directors. As a Cinematographer, I have shot feature films, documentaries, short fiction and corporate films. I have shot an International Feature Film INVASION 1897 (2015) in West Africa, CITYLIGHTS (2014) in India and BOLLYWOOD DIARIES (2016). I have also directed non-fiction film titled Unheard Voices (2012), Light from many Lamps (2014), Moved by Love (2015) & Everest (2016). I have also shot with Discovery channel for a Travel & Living show filmed in South- East Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand & India).  I have shot corporate films for multi-national companies like Reliance, Glenmark, Borosil, Faces, VLCC, Mahindra and Camlin. I consider myself extremely lucky to call my passion a career and take as much enjoyment from meeting and talking to someone new, as I go about creating ongoing commissions for existing clients.

Dev Agarwal  | +91 9833731489 | purplehazefilms@yahoo.com